Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I spend entire days researching, writing, and promoting projects. Every time I turn around, there's a new detail to add. Setting up and posting on blogs is easy enough, but now there's a demand for favicons (still working on that), widgets, and other Web gewgaws. These require some knowledge of HTML and I admit, mine is a bit rusty, but I do what it takes to keep on top of today's ever-changing information technology. Just how far does the learning curve go?

I deal with writers, producers, actors--some Hollywood veterans--and many are lost when it comes to understanding and using the Internet and social networking. It's time consuming to learn and manage websites, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other applications necessary to keep in the loop and develop/promote projects. Some are able to afford hired help or have their computer savvy kids do it. Others can take on interns for the project. For many of us, we're it when it comes managing our Web biz. 

My caveat is: LEARN IT, USE IT, HUG-'N-KISS IT. If you're a writer, publishers want to see Web presence. If you're a filmmaker or performer, all the more so! If you're intimidated by it, take a class and learn by doing. Yes, frustrations with this stuff abound, but once you achieve one Web task, others come easy!

I managed to insert both these widgets! Perhaps tomorrow, I'll tackle favicons. 

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