Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ups and Downs and Ups

"It's not the destination that matters. It's the journey," someone once said. Wish I had the time to research this quote but as a magazine editor, writer, and media producer, I can hardly find a free moment to gather my thoughts. And now, I'm adding onto the pile of projects this blog, "Production Notes." Who'll read it? Probably few to none as I suspect it will get swamped in a sea of cyber commentary. Yet, I feel it is important to pass on my modicum of knowledge and experience as an author and media producer.

I have called this first installment "Ups and Downs and Ups" because that is how the going has been in the field of publishing and media production. Any artist, author, actor, director will tell you that in this business you have to roll with the punches, that what goes up must come down, but stick with it as it often comes right back up again. My Hollywood producer friends always tell me, "You can only fail if you quit." I have considered quitting more often than not, but I always remind myself that the upswing is just around the bend.

I am hoping that this blog about being a writer and producer will inspire and motivate everyone who reads it to not be disheartened by the frustrations and flops they encounter in show business. Perhaps through sharing my excruciating experiences with success and failure other might find strength and motivation to persevere. 

Let me end here with a teaser for my next blog entry: "Manifesting your dreams is easy. Maintaining them is as hard as climbing Everest without an oxygen tank." 

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